Sunday, July 24

A Canoe Book - in a building stage

Canoe Book / Manuscript
in draft form...

As of today my canoe book has 10 unedited chapters. The pictures are inserted along with the text. This keeps me focused on the material and as well, it is much easier to remember most of the facts and tales while looking on the picture file.

I figure I have around 7o pages thus far. There is a table of contents in progress and a Forward. My sister Pam, a graphic editor, is designing both the front and back covers...I await the drafts with anticipation.

The number of pages upon completion is not yet determined. This of course will depend on how many more canoe trips we take.

Unlike the essays I write for my English degree, this is a charm to work out. It isn't a struggle to sort out the material, because the material is real and I write shortly thereafter it happens.

I am having fun with this book as it develops, page by page, trip by trip, picture by picture. This is my second book to date.

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