Monday, July 25

Monday July 25, 2005 PEVES

Ok, I went outside at 0730 am and noticed that the air is still horrendous. Of course my thoughts took me to the interior of Algonquin Park, the canoe routes where the air is clean, the water is fresh and the people are hard to find. The hussle bussle of the world is far behind. Peace? You bet.

Speaking of parks, ever walk through a park lately? One with a forest and grass and some wildlife? If so, what is one of the views you get to admire? The various Carolinian foilage, the ripple of some small pond or stream or creek, the dew on the crisp green grass that may need a minor trim here and there; these are things we like to see while strolling through our wonderful parks and conservation areas. But more and more, what is it we see but litter. Yes, human strewed garbage. Cardboard cups (usually from Timmies), broken bottles, squished cans of all sorts, and other items that I won't bother you with a mention. Why do people do this, litter? Is it because some of them pay taxes and they feel it is there way at getting back at the city to make them clean up after them? Is society becoming this lazy that they cannot search out a disposal unit to unload their infamous crap?

Several times of late, while on our canoe trips, we have come across such litter, even to the point that fear is legitamately instilled to the fact of not walking into a water's edge without some sort of foot protection for fear of ripping open the souls of our feet. Isn't this nice? We cannot even enjoy a simple walk along a shoreline with our toes in the water without fearing serious injury due to the fact that some nitwit was too lazy or crazy to dispose of their crap.

Never mind our beautiful forests, parks, and waterways cluttered with human leftover garbage, how about those fools who simply toss out their Timmies cups from moving vehicles, without a care for the fellow human behind them at 150 Kilo per hour? And where are the boys in blue? At Timmies of course, sipping free burnt coffee at the taxpayer's expense. Two cops sitting for 30 minutes at a donut shop costs the tax pay an average of approximately $50.00. Think about this province wide and what another waste. These cops could be out walking some of the fat off in our beautiful parks, nailing the Timmy customers who refuse to "Keep Ontario Clean".

Enough peves for today...more to come, I promise haha.



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