Tuesday, January 3

Working Out

Now that I am without a job, I am able to schedule my life in a more organized fashion. This includes my irregular workouts. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays are my days...my time at the gym, at least that is the current schedule I am now working on.

I was surprised today when I walked through the doors and signed in at Ironworks Gym...I expected the place to be packed with born again resolutionists who made that faithful oath on New Years Eve to drop some lbs. Hell, I even downloaded an extra tech-podcast on my MP3 player to help pass the wait time for the treadmill and other machines I frequently use.

Not today!

The place was just as it normally is without any people with resolutions to break down the road. When I worked out at the YMCA you could tell the season by the wait times:

January: Full

Februrary: Still full, but slowly the crowds disapated down.

March: Not so full anymore. In fact, most of the big ones were long gone.

April: If the weather was a nice spring-like day, the place was near empty.

May - June - July - August and even a tad into September: Only the diehards.

October: Numbers up due to crappy weather and guilt from summer barbeques.

November: Stable.

December: The closer to xmas, the less heads bobbing on the treadmills.

But today at Ironworks, my gym of choice, I was astonished to see bascially the regular crowd working out, albeit a few students with nothing else to do but hang out and look macho.

For me, my macho days have long since surpassed and now it is a matter of staying healthy and hopefully I too can stick to my planned schedule of 3 days a week...

Although the seasons may be different at the Y, but of course that will change in over a short time soon...Resolutionists usually fail and go back to their old ways once again.

Let's face facts, according to a recent reality check, in the USA "only 8 percent saig they always achieve their resolutions...and the trend decreases with age...".

But does the size? You be the judge...


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