Wednesday, December 7


Everyone knows it is happening...But Do You?

It involves those shoppers who take extreme advantage of the 30-day return policy most stores carry. For instance, two couples are going on a car trip with two vehicles. The one couple purchases an expensive set of walkie-talkies and away the go. They gab between the two vehicles all the way to Florida and back, noting how well the gadgets work. Upon return to their home town they stop by the store and return the said walkie-talkies stating some lame excuse for not wanting the product. Sound familiar?

But there is another type of scam that goes bad for the customer, at least for the first customer, yet good for the observant customer who follows behind. Have you ever seen someone checking out the old phone booth coin slots just by chance to catch someone's leftover change? I know, phone booths have become passe with the advent of cell phones, but my point is worth reading further...

According to a Zher's employee, one who wishes to remain annonomous, said "you would not believe the number of people who leave their cash behind and never return for it."

"It happens every day", she said.

Here is the scan your groceries, pay by debit or credit card and the machine nicely asks you if you want any extra cash...many say "sure" and push the button for an extra $20, $40, $60 or more. The machine then tells them to get their receipt and take their bags. The shopper, for the most part in a mad rush, grabs the bags and kids and heads on out from the store, dumps the bags into the truck of their car, and drives home and puts away the groceries...what is wrong with this picture?

The customer forgot to grab their cash from the bottom slot of the machine, yet an observant shopper next in line scoops up the cash and smiles.

"Have a nice day eh?"


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