Monday, June 19

Algonquin: Canoe Tripping Level 1

ORCA Canoe Tripping Level 1 Certification

- A SUCCESS!!! -

I know, it has been quit some time since my last Blog, however I have been very busy. The dust still has not settled and the waves are still rolling as they should.

This Blog is not my trip log (will be posted at a later date), it is a rhetorical message of sorts, a thought out loud if I may.

The picture says it all, nothing more, nothing less.

Many people ask, "Why would you ever want to go there with all the bugs, wild animals, and nothing to do?"

I simply shake my head, and then I attempt to explain the Algonquin interrior. The beauty, the peace and tranquility, it is all there.

Although, if this picture d
oes not make you languish a contemplation for a canoe trip, well nothing will I suppose.

Last month we completed our final segment of the ORCA Canoe Tripping Level 1 certification in Algonquin. Our trip began at Lake Magnetawan and con
tinued the first day into Ralph Bice Lake (which can be treacherous) where we set up camp. The above picture is a view from the south/east side of the our camp; it is a site to behold forever.

Here before this great rock, Dale and Brian, two other students of the
course, are heading south/east on Daisy Lake to explore, after we set up camp on an island at the west end of Daisy. Some of these rocks in Algonuin are amongst the oldest rocks on the planet, leftovers from the PreCambrian Shield.

Yes, the bugs were plentiful, the temperature was rising, and the portage was a long, long, training session. But when it was said and done, we only remember the team work and developed friendships that got us over the rough terrain, safe and sound.

We learned alot about ourselves during this trek, an adventure never to be forgotton any too soon.

This portage is 1450 meters long. We did it is planned segments, the same ones we practiced in our classroom setting this past winter. Although the trail was much different than inside a nice, comfortable classroom. Careful was the word of the day, safety was of the utmost, and we hiked in pairs not only ensuring safety but developing friendships.

This portage is between Ralph Bice And Daisy lakes.

Of course, canoe tripping is not all bugs, heat, heavy lifts, and long exhausting hikes. It is also about relaxing, taking time out for lunch, and enjoying important things life has to offer; canoe tripping is far removed from the conrete world we surround ourselves each day. You could almost say that "Heaven is a canoe trip" and you would not be too far off the mark.

Hang in there, a complete canoe log is soon as I find the time.


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