Monday, July 25

Tech Service Can Suck at Times

Oh those boys at the other end of the line...

I bought this Toshiba Satilite A20 laptop one year ago. It is a great machine and I love it. Every once in a while it gets a hiccup and I have to call Toshiba tech services when I am stumped with a problem, which has been rare.

Up until today I have had great success with the tech guys (haven't run into a female techie for Toshiba yet...maybe fodder for another blog?). The current problem occurs while the computer is dormant for a few minutes...the screen goes black and with a quick tap on the touch pad mouse we are back in action. What a pain. Especially when my grandkids were trying to watch DVD movies at the trailer last week...good thing these guys are tech savy and know how to touch the right buttons when required.

Anyway, after three calls to the tech help centre at Toshiba Canada today I finally got a guy who knew what he was doing...many of those guys read from directions on their pre-organized screens and they are not allowe to "think outside the box", as are Sympatico techies as well. The third guy, Mohamad, got me clicking away and in minutes the problem was solved. My hat's off to Mohamad.

The second guy needs an adjustment at Toshiba, possibly a job change is in order. After 40 minutes of failed attempts to correct my laptop's black screen problem, this guy cut me off and said he had to go. He told me to download a new utility from Toshiba's website, restart the computer and it should work. I questioned as to why he had to run away from me and he informed me that Toshiba only allows 40 minutes per customer and to call back again and restart my 40 minute call. Great! But when you call back, as I did with Mohamad, you have to explain the problem all over again.

My thanks go out to Mohamad for knowing his job and doing it expediately.

I still think Toshiba is the best...I do have a horror Dell story, but will save it for a rainy day LOL.



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