Friday, June 23

Gimme A Break!

They say that many, too many, people who retire find themselves bored after the first three months of retirement. In fact, there are hundreds of reports questioning people's plans, not financial, but their psychological plans.

Recently, I read a statement whereby it asked:

"What are you doing after work? Canadians are retiring earlier than ever and can expect to live an average of thirteen years in good health following retirement. While good financial planning is key to a comfortable retirement, the move away from the world of work also requires emotional planning to ensure a smooth transition."

This seems to be a true statement. I had so many people ask me "what are you ever going to do with your time?" Or they say, "You'll be back to work in no time because you will be bored." Those people are probably similar to those who, in a study by the Conference Board of Canada found, "that one-third of all Canadians have trouble adjusting to retirement." That is sad!

The report found that the main reason for this "dissatisfaction" is "boredom." They do not have the daily routine that work provided and that "many people find themselves feeling alone and disengaged from their usual social circle."

Surprising as well is the fact that most people plan for their financial future, however they spend very little, if any, time planning what they intend to do with their new found extra time. The report suggests that people should plan what they will do after they leave the workforce:

"The best thing to do is to think of retirement as a new opportunity. The average person spends more than 40 hours a week at work. You now have an extra eight hours per day to pursue your own interests, such as returning to school, traveling the world, volunteering for a favourite cause, starting a new hobby, or even moving to a place you've always wanted to live."

Getting back to my title of this Blog, I should mention that I now need a break from my breakaway from the workforce. I have been retired for almost seven months now and have been extremely busy doing volunteer work at Sarnia's Imperial Theatre working in the Box Office and computer repairs, as well I am the Webmaster for 3 non-profit groups (see my links in the sidebar), editor of the Sarnia Computer Group, and also I write a regular column on computers for Business Trends magazine. I am a Scout leader and an avid canoeist and camper.

The last on the above list will be acted on in one week. As I am taking a break from all my activities. You see, my groups I belong to close for the summer and next week is the "last of the Mohicans".

My summer plans include several canoe trips, camping, fishing, spending lots of time at my trailer, reading, writing, watching my Grandsons baseball games, and of course banging away on my computer.

So, as you may have guessed, I do not fall in the category of the "bored" pensioners, but I do need a break, a time to slow down and just appreciate the fact that I do not work anymore...At least I do not work for money haha.


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