Tuesday, July 25

IL-Weather Reports - How Come?

Cyprus Lake, Ontario, Canada at Dusk

Have you planned a trip lately? If you have, you have probably looked to the weather reports to figure into some of your planning for the adventure. If you do not go outside of your normal box and only check one source for your information you may just find the weather report is wrong.

But do not fret...Even if you have checked more than one weather information source you will be even worse off.


Well, we have planned a camping trip to Cyprus Lake at the Bruce National Park for the past six months. Just in the past few days we have began to check out the weather reports online...Boy what an miss-adventure this has become.

The facts are simply that the more sites you check out for weather reports online, the more confusing the reports become. Some say rain, some say thunderstorms, some say that there is only a 70% of no rain, others say 60% chance of rain, and some have promised mostly sunshine and hot humid weather.

If you check out the weather network you will be told that this Wednesday there is a 40% chance of rain with possible thunderstorms.

If you check out the Environment Canada Weather site you will see that there is a 20% increase in your chances of rain; it raises the bar to announce that there is a 60% chance of showers or thunderstorms.

The weather people remind me of computer companies who also give out different ways of giving the customers the same thing. For instance, take digital cameras. Sony has its own memory sticks, whereby Cannon offers SD cards to hold your favourite pictures. Why the difference?

I am sure there is a different reason for varying weather reports compared to varying data cards, but does anyone know for sure? I have to believe someone does, but it is not made public. In the case of cameras it is war. They fight to strive for your dollar, whereby the weather is supposed to be a free service and should be regulated by the Federal government...But it is not adhered to.

Sure, they can blame the various wind change directional aspect of weather reporting problems, but how come there is a variance in two weather reports for the very same day?

If anyone has the answer please email me and enlighten me.

For me, the real reason for knowing the correct weather report (if there is s
uch an animal) is for how we pack. Does the tent and tarps go on top for easy access with our rain suits kept in the front seats? Or do we simply pack the heavy stuff first and adorn our bathing suits and not worry about where the rain suits are stashed?

I watched both Global News weather report and City TV's weather report just an hour ago. Yep, you guessed it - two different weather reports. Unbelievable, literally speaking of course!


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