Tuesday, July 26

1984 or 2005? Big Brother is Back

Today, the giant computer conglomerate, Bill Gates and his Microsoft hackers will take a long hard look inisde your personal computer system, apparently to check if you are running a pirated system. I'll suspect that not only the pirates out there are worried but you should be too, even though you bought your computer from the corner shop that has been in business for several years. According to Bill, Microsoft estimates that almost 1/3 off all computers are running illegal Windows operating systems. But is that all we should be concerned about?

More importantly, we should be concerned that a private company in this free world we reside within has (for the time being) the right to check most everyone's computer system, or at least force this check sooner or later. Do they really have the right to come inside your computer and snoop around?

Let's look at Walmart for instance. This company has ordered all of their suppliers to microchip the merchandice or Walmart will not buy their products for sale in the Walmart stores. The reason is complex, yet simple. Walmart wants to check where their products travel to, in other words they are going to do a demographic check. Ya right! George Orwell is laughing in his grave at this one.

The real issue is that would you let a Walmart representative simply walk into your home, wherein they suspect you may have mechandice that you purchased at a flea market that had been stolen from one of their stores? There is no warrant for this check, a legal requirement in most cases, but how does Microsoft get away with invading people's privacy as they please?

This is completely outrageous.

Maybe it is now time for us all to make the switch companies and PC users have been discussing for a long time: A switch over to the free operating system, Linux. Free to purchace and of course free of patches.

What is stopping Microsoft from scaring people into getting downloads from the MS site whereby they could create a phony patch? This is possible and not beyond comprehension.

We have definitely not heard the last of this issue. In the meantime, you can go to this site if you like, www.howtotell.com to test your system as to whether you purchased a legit copy of Windows or not. According to Techworld.com Microsoft is "providing customers with information on how they can discover whether or not they have a genuine copy of Windows."

Well, curiosity got this cat, even though I bought my laptop from Toshiba and have to trust somebody, I still wanted to see this test and check it out. Oops, this test requires you to download Active X, meaning that I will have to go back and use Internet Explorer. As an avid Firefox user, free of the dangers from Active X, I think I just may go over to this site:


Linux is a free operating system and does not have a Big Brother. I am sure that if George Orwell were alive today, he would definitely be running Linux and writing his heart out, complaining about the incredulous spying by Microsoft Corporation.



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