Wednesday, September 21

Sarnia Drops the Anchor

Where Did Our
Cultural Aspect Go?

The ocean-going ship, The CV Columbus stopped at Sarnia today, but the passengers did not disembark to view our city. It seems there is nothing here for them, other than strip joints, donut shops, and other junk food joints. Sad...

In fact, last summer the ship docked at Sarnia and dozens of crew members ventured around our downtown, however it was a Monday and not much
was opened...they were not impressed. I wonder what they thought about all the shops that were boarded up due to the Walmart/Canadian Tire and Lambton Mall taking all the business out into the subburbs? Why is it that Sarnia promotes hockey and rock concerts, yet drops the anchor on the Arts and Cultural issues. We need more of the liberal arts programs, more culture less of the redneck attitude!

This ship is not going to stop in Sarnia anymore. In fact, the last time it stopped last year, ""dozens of the crew members took their few hours off duty to walk to the downtown core [Sarnia]. The wanted to shop but it was a Mond
ay and nothing was open, Columbus said, "So they weren't too happy."" (Sarnia Observer 050917).

The sad thing is that nobody was around the ship, other than "Tourism Sarnia-Lambon intends to man an information table near the ship to hand out brochures and maps." (Sarnia Observer 050917)

Isn't that great. I wonder if they
setup their both near the security fence and guard? How come Sarnia does not have a promotional plan in place, other than a table and chair and a few maps?

The entire situation here is a disgrace. May I suggest you write your local Council-person. If you can find one that cares. We need more culture in the Sarnia society, not more strip bars, bingo halls, hockey rinks, or tattoo shops.
Unboard the downtown now.

After a while the Police boat left and thus the only human aspect other than the lonely security guard who was pacing back and forth behind the security fence, probably out of shear boredom.


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