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Sarnia Drivers Worst In North Amercia

Where Are The COPS?

Is this scene all too familiar? Can you tell what caused this common mishap in Sarnia?

A truck driver wrote a letter to the editor of the Sarnia Observer a while back wherein he voiced his disgust for Sarnia drivers. In fact, he stated that he drove all over North America and found "the worst drivers are right here in Sarnia, and I am from Sarnia." Getting back to the above accident scene, the reason this happens is that Sarnia drivers do not know what lane to go to when making right and left turns at intersections.

Don't believe me?

Well, just go for a little drive today. While at an intersection watch how the drivers turning turn. Lost ya?

Let's look to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act - Section 133 wherein it states (6)"Where a driver or operator of a vehicle intends to turn to the left into an intersection highwayl, he or she shall, where the highway on which he or she is driving has marked lanes for traffic, approach the intersection within the left-hand lane provided for the use of traffic moving in the direction in which his or her vehicle is proceeding or, where it has no such marked lanes, by keeping immediatel to the right of the centre line of the highway and he or she shall make the left turn by entering the intersection to the right of the centre line or its extension and by leaving the intersection in the left-hand lane provided for the use of traffice moving in the direction in which his or her vehicle is proceeding where the lane is marked or, where no such lane is marked, by passing immediately to the right of the centre line of the intersecting highway."

Lost ya yet? Don't worry, the simple matter of this situation is that when
you make a left turn you stay in that same (left) lane after turning. The same goes for the right-hand turners, they stay in the right lane, thus allowing the left-hand turners to turn withou a crashup.

Why do people insist in turning into the other person's lane? You gotta love those ones who stay at the intersection allowing all oncoming traffic to make their turn so they can make their own illegal turn.

You have to wonder if most believe these illegal turns are actually legal? Scary thought, but it could ring true in too many cases. Alth
ough, another reason people risk these hazzardous illegal turns is that their vans and SUVs have a high roll-over factor and they refuse to slow down a tad to make any turn.

As a driver from Toronto, (over 20 years living there and driving), and one who travels to Toronto 3 days a week, I must say that there is very little times when you find the illega
l turns that are highly prominent in Sarnia, Ontario.

One of the most interesting things I have found in Sarnia, at intersections, is that when you make your right turn into the right-hand lane and there is a person making a left-hand turn demanding to go way over into the right lane, instead of their proper left-hand lane, these people insist on waving their hands, mouthing obscurities to you, and finally giving you the infamous finger. Imagine that!

Can you imagine if we had one of these in Sarnia? Even the cops would have to go back to learning how to drive.

Many blame new drivers, senior drivers, and even foreigners, but how about putting the blame on these terrible drivers where it rings true: Most Sarnia Drivers, including cops.

What is needed is for drivers to pay attention to the laws of the road. But we know this is not going to happen. Where is everyone going, at such a fast rate of driving, when Sarnia is only a 4 mile sq. postage stamp, compared to the Big City?

If you are one of these drivers, referred above, do us all a favour and read over the Ontario Driver's may just save a life.

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At 1:46 a.m. , Anonymous Alfred E. Newman said...

I can't agree more. We live in Sarnia too and fear for our lives when we hit the roads.

At 1:09 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's funny that I just read this as I was mentioning the same thing to my co passengers just the other day.

Andy Weir

At 9:18 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are the chances?
Hey Greg, it's me, Shaunda...aka "Stick".
I am writing a paper on how the economy of Alberta is affecting our claim volume at work (Insurance). I thought I would throw in some information about horrible drivers in Calgary, and compare with horrible drivers in Sarnia (and then compare claim volume per Province). I google searched and found your site! What are the odds? Anyway, the article you wrote was a great help. Esspecially since so many accidents are caused by people making unsafe left hand turns(and are almost always held at fault).
I do agree that Sarnians are bad drivers, I must say though, I have come to the conclusion that Calgarians are worse (even the cops)!
Hope all is well with you and Joanne...great writing!!!!


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