Tuesday, September 13

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The End of the Line

This assembly-line style of working extremely long hours with very little sleep makes me look ever-so-much to my retirement, in the first quarter of next year. The time cannot pass too quickly.

Thirty-four years and counting for the past ten. Many old rails, there are few left still working, will confirm that railroading in the 2000's is not the same. Things have changed, they say the times have changed, but it is the people who have changed. Profit is the bottom line today. No care for humanity, just the greenbacks.

I have many good memories that I shall always cherrish, however those memories are from long ago; today each trip is a challenge. Lack of sleep plagues most out there; most complain of a constant "jet-lag" sense of reality.

But all this will be my history soon...It will be like the meek, who are born again, starting a brand new life. Many retirees fail in their self-awareness and satisfaction
, simply as they have nothing to do. Sadly, the job was their life and now once the job is gone, so is their life.

I have not that fear. I plan to be more busy next year than I have ever been before, even with the ninty-hour-plus block of time missing each week. It will easily be filled up with volunteer work, hobbies, and simply enjoying life.

The previous blog is not complete, this is due to my extremites in life, my busy schedule that begins each fall, however that is what keeps me going, keeps me ticking, and I fear not the loss of that 100 hour block of missing time.



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