Wednesday, September 14

Scouts Canada for the Well-Healed Only?

Is this organization getting toooo ex$pen$ive?

Scouts Canada made the financial decision to raise the cost of a boy who wants to join.

In fact, this increase is rather high and now the cost to put a boy in Scouting is a whopping $140.00. Imagine if you have more than one child who dreams of becoming a Scout?

Ok, I can hear some out there, yes the "other activities are expensive too." But, not these "other activities" include uniforms, some equipment, and pay for the final special "hot dog day" or whatever special celebrations they offer in the initial cost of the said activity? Of course they do!

But not Scouting. Nope!

Scouts Canada requires a boy to, besides the $140.00 cost to join for one season, purchase their own uniform. This my sad friends is not a cheap expenditure, no Sir.

Add this up:

Shirt - $30.00
Pants - $30.00
Sash - $ 7.00
Book - $ not sure yet
Camp - $20.00

Let us take a look at SMAA Sarnia kids baseball league. The cost for the season is $140.00, the exact same cost that Scouts Canada charges. The one difference is that in baseball everything, shirt - pants - hat - championship sessons with food and trophies, are all included in the one price. That's right, you do not have to pay for the accessories or the special event such as camping.

Personally, I believe the cost of Scouting is out-of-line with the other sports.

Having said that, it must be said that there is no better organization for boys around. Scouts teaches boys to follow society rules and regulations, to respect authority, to share and care with and for others, and most of all Scouts Canada gives the boy the opportunity to gain self-assurance and to work with others...something our current society lacks.

Albeit the costs are expensive in all sports, thus making it quite difficult for those families on lower incomes and families with several children all wanting to join in on these expensive programs.

The programs are necessary for the develop of our children. It helps make for better citizens down the road, so why doesn't the local, provincial and federal goverments keep a better watch on the rising costs that are segregating the better off from the less than better off?

Because you and I allow it; we do not voice our opinions - we simple either pay or the kids do not play, and that my friends is sad.



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