Tuesday, November 22

City of $arnia in Trouble?

The City of Sarnia Motions
Rid One Firehall For Cash

Councillor Kelch has motioned to sell one of Sarnia's Firehalls in an attempt to get some desparately needed funding. As well, Sarnia Council discussed the aspect of selling off CN lands on the river for even more cash.

So, what is really going on in Sarnia?

To the non-political animal, the average bear in Sarnia would assume that the City has no money. How did we get in this jam? What will it cost the average homeowner to get us back on track? How many businesses would disappear if Sarnia raised taxes to a higher level?

These questions remain to be answered, and in the meantime we just hold our breaths...

Three cheers for the fire department management who are against selling a fire department...can you imagine, selling safety for moola...shame on you City Council.

Come on Mayor Mike Bradley, you can legislate a better one than this, we hope?

How about keeping the Palliative Care Unit, how about fixing a few roads in town, how about chasing the cops from Tim Hortons, how about unboarding the downtown core and bring the businesses back, how about an all-out-war against the terrible drivers in Sarnia, and how about bringing us back our jobs from those gas plants that came here, raped the benefits and took off? How about managing the City of Sarnia Mr. Mayor?


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