Tuesday, November 15

Vacations Are Becoming Dangerous Entities

After booking a vacation to the Dominican for 2006, we found out, by chance, from our family doctor that we need to have 3 injections - two before the trip and one upon arrival home.

I remember travelling to Africa and having to have a shot before we left, but now a shot for the Dominican? The last two times we travelled to the Dominican there was no need for a needle or pills. Why this time???

Apparently, over 50 million travellors head to third world countries on vacation each year and the risks of disease is rising. Nice thought eh?

So, I am off to the drug store to pickup my Twinrix needles today, and contemplate ingredients from a suggested vacation survival list:
  • Sunblock (not necessary, I do tanning prior to - go directly from plane to ocean).
  • Topical Disinfectants (sounds scary).
  • Thermometer (I already know it will be damn hot!).
  • Antifungal Foot Power (gross!!!).
  • Hydrocorisone Cream For Rashes (my god!!!).
  • Pepto - Bismol for the craps - (a must have haha).
Apparently, they claim the almost 50% of travel travelers get diarrhea and hundreds of Canadians get Hep A or B from these countries. Makes you wonder? But the report did specify Quebec people - maybe they should post the warnings in other languages and lower the rate of infections?

They did not include gas masks...I wonder why not? Especially considering all that spicy food! LOL


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