Wednesday, November 16

The Cordless Wars

802.11(a,b,g) vs: 2.4GHz

Time To Cut The Cords?

With Xmas coming around the corner, people are contemplating "cutting the perverbial cord" and buying into wireless technology, be it, chordless phones or WiFi cordless computers, the ole advertising adage applies: BUYER BEWARE!!!.

Remember when: You and your "special one" used to fight over whose turn it was to watch either the Gilmore Girls or Monday Night Football? We all know who won, but that doesn't matter here. What matters is that the guy ended up running to Walmart and picking out another coloured TV for either the basement or the garage for his new viewing area. It was a radical approach to marital bliss.

Today, the bliss is stressed out once again...the misses gabs on the cordless phone and cuts off "his" wireless laptop. The problem: the two tech
nologies, cordless phones and wireless routers operate on similar frequencies and of course the #$#% phone cuts off the computer. Hell, why didn't the inventors of this technology design it the other way around?

So, what to do?

Does the guy run out to Walmart and buy what? The simple solution here would be for the guy to adorn his Greb Workboots, leather palmed worked gloves, safety goggles and his local Cable Company uniform he had stolen off the Cable Guys Truck last summer while it was parked at the neighbours house so he could cut into the cable and get his wife free access to the Gilmore Girls...thus keeping he happy...and then, he goes into the garage, beside his Walmart TV, he
picks up his trusty Canadian Tire wire cutters and now finds himself ready for this current mission to repair the problem of the war between the phone and the laptop.

Yes folks he does do it..."Just Do It" they say, so he did...he cut the proverbial chord and now has free and uninterupted access to his WiFi networks without cutting off the Godforsaken Gilmore Girls, however the phone never rang twice.


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