Monday, November 21

GOOD NEWS - Literally Speaking - "I'm Back"

The good news is that with the latest change in editors at the Sarnia Sun and Business Trends magazine, a home for my TECH TRENDS, a computer-related column. My column is going to continue being published each month in Business Trends magazine.

My thanks goes out to Gord Bowes, Managing Editor, Chatham and Sarnia Sun papers for contacting me and asking if I would be interested in continuing writing for the magazine...of course I said yes.

It is a great experience and pleasure to write for this organization. But the best part of all is knowing that somewhere, somehow, the column may just help someone learn a little bit more about the highly confusing world of technology.

So, the "GOOD NEWS" is that TECH TRENDS column will be published in the December issue of Business Trends - "WiFi - Millions Are Doing It, But Is It Safe?" A great topic, given the prospects of many people who are looking to buy that second computer system for Christmas and connect a home wireless network.

Any questions regarding this column, I can be reached at


At 3:21 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job Greg. Congrats.

At 5:38 p.m. , Blogger Gregory West - Freelance Writer said...

Thank you,


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