Tuesday, November 15

Where Are They Now?

Remember, just a few months ago, were you one of those who were constantly complaining about the heat?

You probably prayed for cooler weather!

Well you certainly had your prayers granted. This weather is vain-cutting stimuli.

For those of you who did complain about our lovely humidity, and are
now finding you have nothing to complain about, try this:

"For a given combination of temperature and wind speed, the wind chill index corresponds roughly to the temperature that one would fe
el in a very light wind. For example, a temperature of -25C and a wind speed of 20 km/h give a wind chill index of -37. This means that, with a wind of 20 km/h and a temperature of -25C, one would feel as if it were -37C in a very light wind."

You know who you are, come on and come out of the weather closet and admit you were a weather whiner...shame on you. Hopefully, next summer, you will keep quiet and enjoy it whilst it lastith.

Come you humidity haters, get off the couch and go outside and enjoy this lovely cold, damp, crappy weather - you deserve it!


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