Sunday, November 6

You Are Not Really Still Using Internet Destroyer Are You?

Internet Destroyer (explorer) is now passe.

Why would anyone profess or confess to using this terrible program. It is slow, unsafe, and highly restrictive. In fact, earlier this year Homeland Security, in the USA, ordered all and any computers that are of a government nature to STOP using Internet Explorer as a browser.

So this begs the question: What else is there? This is a common question due to the mere fact that most people do not like change. You get a new computer and unfortunately it comes fully equipped with this product from Micoverysoft Inc.

You get used to these products and fear changing som
ething that, not only you have become aquainted with, but have not ventured far from any Microsoft products. In the past, MS was ok and stood the test of its time, however now time has changed, the Internet has changed and with change comes a better, faster, and much safer browser: FIREFOX.

And believe it
or not, now firefox comes with even faster speeds (the first version beat MS IE speed by far).

An add-on called Fasterfirefox has been around for a while, but now it is even faster.

If this speed is still not fast enough you can hack your own Firefox browser and jack up the download speeds to 40% faster.


It takes only 3 minutes of your time...and it is really easy. Go here:

Have fun and come back and comment here about your faster speeds...bookmark this blog for more on Firefox...


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