Friday, September 22

Summer's End - A New Beginning?

Fall season is a colour time for most as the leaves begin their yearly ritual of turning from their summer-green into an explosion of rainbow washed colours.

Fall season for many is also a time that signals ideas and projects that have been put on the burner for the past four months. Some people view this time of year more of a change in lifestyle that does our actual New Years Eve. My view of fall is a sign that it is my time to begin all my winter-long projects, the ones that are mostly done inside (except my Nordic ski trips and winter camping), and complete some long projected plans that were staved off due to time restraints.

This year is my "Year of the Book", the year I begin my serious research into my past. I intend to join SCUG's genealogy ( group to help with this project.

The project is to research my ancestors from about 1822 in Ireland and follow their travels to Canada and eventually to Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. I will be seeking the help from our Mormon research lab here in Sarnia, and as well I intend to return to Parry Sound next year (Kilbear Camp) and from their travel back and forth to Parry Sound for extensive snooping.

The concept of my book will be part fiction, as much of the past is only an educated guess at best for most people, and factual research backed by whatever data and pictures I can dig up.

I am dreaming, thinking that this is my winter project, as I can easily foresee this venture could go on and on and on...And it is in this regard I intend to segment the data into eras, such as:
  • Irish potato famine
  • massive Irish immigration patterns
  • hardships of early Canadian settlers of the mid to late 1800s
  • life in Canada for migrants and the land grant offers
  • history of Parry Sound
  • actual lives of the Fish family in Parry Sound 1900-1949
  • and life after Parry Sound...
So, this fall, if you happen to be reading this Blog and know some little tid bit I could use, please email me at: