Friday, January 5

RE: "Regulate Truck Speed on Ontario Highways"

Editor's Note: TOPIC: Trucks drive too fast and hog the passing lanes!

This is an ongoing issue/blog and a "Letter-to-the-Editor" in the Sarnia, Observer newspaper. Just in, an email from our Provincial MP who says she will personally speak with the Minister of Transport.

Caroline Di Cocco

Dear Gregory West,

Thank you for taking time to provide your perspective on the issue of
transport truck speeds. Yes I travel regularly on the 401 and 402. And
yes I too note the speed of trucks. The advice you provide is valuable
and I will take the liberty to speak to the Minster of Transportation
regarding your email.

Your views and comments are appreciated.



Truckers too fast and dangerous.

Legislate truckers is the only way for safe highways.


Sarnia Observer

So, sit back and watch the show. Does the "little guy" win for safer highways, or do the "big boys" dominate our elected officials? Safety first, I hope.


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