Sunday, March 25

Hitler Resurrected?

at least for now.

Are we to believe that any Nation that defies the United Nations is against the rest of the world's peace and harmony?

I think so.

Iranian Government defies the UN's request for Iran to back-off on the arms race, or rather the gathering of uranium. Here is what Iran told the United Nations...And you can sort out your own thoughts:

"The world must know and it does that even the harshest political and economic sanctions or other threats are far too weak to coerce the Iranian nation to retreat from their legal and legitimate demands...Suspension is neither an option nor a solution." (Globe and Mail 070325)

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Wednesday, March 7

Gas Shortage Easing???

Gas Companies = BS

says that the "GAS SHORTAGE" is coming to an end. That's nice.

Why is it that these manipulators of our way-of-life can act similar to Highwaymen of days gone by?

Each long weekend in the summer one can count on the gas pricing to be hiked up, as during mother and father days, Christmas, Easter and whenever these thieves feel like adding to their profit coffers?

It is time the Government began to regulate these crooks, similar to the stock exchange, and the Canadian Wheat Board etc.

I say, "NO MORE RIPPING OFF THE PUBLIC" - Why do we NOT boycott ESSO?

Do we have such short memories as to what they did to their employees several years back? Hint: They escorted them off the property, without notice, by outside security forces, and told them they no longer had a job and that ESSO was keeping their pensions.

Imagine that. I for one will NEVER buy ESSO gas for that sole reason, but what about a boycott against Prime Minister Harper for not stepping in and correcting this very wrong by these conglomerated manipulators?