Tuesday, January 9

Rhetorical War With a Trucker

Here is another "LETTER TO THE EDITOR" in the Sarnia Observer newspaper. I had to follow-up on the comments made and comments omitted by the Trucker:

Take our highways back from truckers

Editorial - Tuesday, January 09, 2007 Updated @ 4:12:47 PM

Sir: Re: Letter to the editor from Inwood trucker Roger Bahro ("Report bad drivers when you see them," The Observer, Dec. 23, 2006), replying to my letter of Dec. 15, 2006 ("Regulate the speed of transport trucks")

As Roger points out, "The State of Michigan has changed their speed limit for trucks from 55 mph to 60 mph." Roger failed to mention that speed is 10 miles-per-hour less than auto traffic who can legally travel at 70 mph.

This keeps the truckers well below the speed of other vehicles and in the righthand lane. This is a much safer method of moving traffic on heavily travelled highways. It also keeps the truckers from cutting out and cutting off other vehicles and blocking the passing lanes, especially on hills.

Sarnia-Lambton MPP Caroline Di Cocco responded to my initial letter of complaint concerning speeding truckers:

"Dear Gregory West:

Thank you for taking time to provide your perspective on the issue of transport truck speeds. Yes, I travel regularly on the 401 and 402. And, yes, I too note the speed of trucks. The advice you provide is valuable and I will take the liberty to speak to the Minster of Transportation regarding your e-mail.

Your views and comments are appreciated.



Maybe, someday, we will get back our highways from the truckers and have an enjoyable ride from Sarnia to Toronto and not have to endure the nightmarish journey facing one today.

Gregory West


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