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MY Days 061030 - Stories

In the Beginning...My Short Stories' Series

Stardate: 061030

After many years of writing, dry and laborious boring technical and critically logically text, it is time for me to begin a lifelong dream of creative writing: SHORT STORY WRITING.

After spending many years writing on labour issues, politics, and such, as well as writing a regular column in Business Trends covering computer-related issues, I have decided to focus my writings on FICTION.

These short stories will all be entitled: MY Days (followed by a number that represents the day the story was created). It is somewhat borrowed from the Star Trek concept of "Stardate", of which I still love to hear that voice announce: Stardate 17724...It announces we are to embark on another exciting mission.

My mission is to write about everyday happenings, about normal and abnormal humans found in their regular and irregular routines. The donut shop (not Tims of course, another story), the gym, the library, the hockey rink, the soccer court at the college, home turf, the park and my dog Sam, meetings, church, the grocery store, the mall, and of course our industrious drivers in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada haha.

I have some favourite short story writers: Kristjana Gunnars, Alice Munroe, and Annie Dillard for starters, whom have given me some interesting insight to the world of imagination and organization therein. So, if you recognize a flavour here and there, these writers are thanked forevermore for their untouched and unmatched genius.

How to begin?

Dillard says it is easy, you begin with a word: "Words lead to other words and down the garden path. You adjust the paints' values and hues not to the world, not to the vision, but to the rest of the paint. The materials are stubborn and rigid; push is always coming to shove. You can fly - you can fly higher than you ever though possible - but you can never get off the page" (The Writing Life, Dillard, Annie: p57).

Where to begin?

Annie comes to my rescue once more: "Why do you never find anything written about that idiosyncratic thought you avert to, about your fascination with something no one else understands? Because it is up to you. There is something you find interesting, for a reason hard to explain. It is hard to explain because you have never read it on any page; there you begin" (The Writing Life, Dillard, Annie: p67).


Dillard talks about painters who paints because of a love of paint; therefore it can be said that a writer writes because of a "love of words". There are so many living and dead stories to be told and they do not even know it, yet.

On a cold wintry afternoon, when it is too horrible to venture outside and your cable is down, why not sift through, at the righthand column (Previous Blogs) of the many blog entries of RHETORICAL SOUNDOFF and find a MY Day to get lost within...?

And of course, if you feel the need to write a word or two yourself, why not email me a couple to share your thoughts on MY Day (s) -



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This is going to be very interesting I'm sure...


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