Monday, November 6

Lambton Library - Our Little Gem

God Bless Public Libraries

Obtaining a degree, part-time, is not an easy or cheap task, especially for one who is retired on a fixed income and so busy that there is barely enough time in a day to sleep.

I for one am an English student at Athabasca University, however I have taken a sabatical for this semester to conquer other areas of life. But I am still wanting to keep abreast of the studies and keep up on the readings within my future courses.

Today, I went to the English department's website at Athabasca and looked up the books required for: ENGLISH 381 - Creative Writing in Prose. This is a (six month) short story fiction writing course wherein you study 80 short stories. The books required are:

Scholes, Robert and Rosemary Sullivan, eds. 1994. Elements of Fiction: An Anthology. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Hodgins, Jack. 1993. A Passion for Narrative: A Guide for Writing Fiction. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart.

Can you imagine, the Anthology was in at the Sarnia Library and the writing guide is available in Watford Library. So, I scored one book to take home, while the other is on order.

I said to the librarian, "I was sure you would not have these books as they are university books." She said that even they surprise themselves sometimes with the availability of some books.

Hats off and three cheers for the librarians at the Sarnia Library.


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