Wednesday, July 27

Really Simple Syndication RRS feeds

Wednesday July 27, 2005

What the Heck is an RRS Feed?

It is a really simple way to get your feed of news and information. It is no different than someone skimming the headlines in a newspaper or magazine to see if any topic interests them.

RRS feeds bring the news to your doorstep, so to speak. Simply download a fast copy of an RRS reader, much like your Adobe Reader and you will almost be in business.

To get a copy of an RRS reader for most operating systems, go here:

Once this site opens you can either download the program immediated by clicking where the download button says: rrsreader.exe - this is the program file that will run your RRS reader.

If this is your first experience with the reader, check out the help section and DO TAKE THE SHORT TOUR, it will help explain just how simple this system really is.

Why RRS feeds vs a real newspaper or scanning various websites?

The answer is really simple, you choose the news and information that is of interest to you and nothing else. Personally, I have no interest in professional sports news so I simply do not add that category, however I am interested in Technology and World news, therefore I select which news sources I like and bingo...the current headlines from those sources regarding my topics are list for me to scan.

While scanning your headlines, once you come across a topic that interests you, simply click on the icon and you will be instantly taken to the full report, or you can simply read the short version directly from your RRS reader.

Give RRS feeds a try - I guarantee you will be impressed and if you are like most today, not enough time in most days for most things, well this is for you.

And even if you are not a news junky, but have been ignored during the water cooler conversations, now you will be able to add your 2 cents worth with headlines...reading a simple few lines will make you sound as if you are a very worldly person.

But if you are like me, on a need to know, or just a person who likes to keep abreast of various topics in a quick manner...this is for you too.

Happy RRS feed reading...



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