Monday, September 26

Rabinovitch Out

Rabinovitch Out

Any CBC radio listener will agree, this man has to go. CBC locked out workers for many reasons, but the truth be told, outsourcing is probably the main ingredient for this craziness by a mis-managed CBC.

From the following explains the irony that any fool can easy see through, even most politician on Parliament Hill:

When the CBC boss was asked if he would like a "short-term contract" he replied, "sure".

The irony here is that when his contract was up for renewal he renegotiated it from a two year contract to a three year contract. Giving himself a longer term.

Time to rid the country of the CBC corruption of managers and bring back our lifeline to reality - CBC Radio.

One other sad issue is the fact that most politicians hid during their summer vacations, deciding not to speak out on any opinion regarding the country's loss of a national radio, however now they are back in session and in the limelight, well guess what, the CBC lockout is now, all-of-a-sudden, an issue. Lights, camera, and action?

CBC management should be fired, and held responsible for the million plus dollars a day that they seem to be not accountable for over the past forty days plus. What has happened to the regular million dollar a day funding to the CBC to cover the regular programming costs and the wages of over 5,000 CBC workers?

Martha warmed up the cell, maybe some of these CBC corps could cool their heels there as well. Although, maybe jail is too good for Rabinovich and his gang of theives. Maybe a stink on the sidewalk would do wonders for these corporate neanderthals of the the media world.



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