Sunday, November 6

Train Wrecks

Is this the coming norm in Canada?

Federal Transport Minister, Jean Lapierre seems worried about rail safety in Canada.

In fact, he states he is "concerned about CN's overall safety performance and [has] written to senior officials at CN to express those concerns."

The Transport Minister gave a "clear" mandate to CN officials that "if corrective actions aren't taken by the company I could call a public inquiry into CN's operations." (

A Transport Canada safety audit on railway operations is to be released possibly in December to the public.

The Canadian Government is concerned about rail safety of late, with the all-too-numerous train wrecks "and could order a public inquiry into its [CN Rail] operations." (

The Federal Transport Minister also said "We are finding all sorts of problems and we hope they get corrected fast." (

This will be an interesting watch for sure!


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