Monday, October 31

How About Really Retiring?

Why Do
People Retire
Then Work?

Statistics show that most people when they retire, after only 3 months, are bored. Why is this so?

I have been involved with pension planning for over 20 years, being involved in the union movement, and have come to learn that some people give thoughts to their retirement via RSSPs and other income generating sources, but fail to give any thoughts as to what they will fill the 40+ hr week with when it is gone.

Since most people do not do any volunteer work when they are working, again statistics show that those same people are more than likely not to do volunteer work when they retire. Instead, they work.

Keeping busy while in retirement is a key to a healthy and successful retirement. Although, most people leave their retirement planning until the 3 month segment after they are home alone and bored. Since they never did anything other than work, oh we cannot count golfing unless you live in Florida and have no family, we are talking here about outside activities that involve developing new interests and activities.

Hobbies are a great activity to utilize when retired, however again many people did not find the time, while working, to develop any hobbies and then when they retire there hobby activities usuall peter out due to lack of interest or BOREDUMB.

There are many websites on retirement, such as:

The sad part is that now over 66% of Americans will have to keep on working after retirement just to maintain their lifestyles. Sad eh? How long will these dedicated workers live? How and when do they EVER expect to appreciate retirement and simply "smell the roses"? Probably too late for sure.

The above mentioned website goes on to say that those people who have planned their retirement have no need or desire to go back to work,as these people planned out their retirement earlier on, well before reaching the infamous "Freedom 55".

To get an enriched lifestyle through volunteering, in the USA they have a website that matches your skills and likes to a particular volunteer job.

So there really is no excuse for those of us who are reading for our "Freedom 55" getaway. The real roadblock is one of two things, improper planning and greed. Can you imagine a person who gets a pension and pays income tax on that money, then goes out and grabs a minimum wage job. Think about it, after taxes that person is working for about $4 per hour, less gas, food and hassles. Great retirement eh?

Stats Canada report says that "life is better after retirement and those that planned for it by developing hobbies and participating in various activties were most likely to find retirement enjoyable." So why work after working?

In 2002 more than 300,000 Canadians, over the age of 65, worked. Sad eh?

I work for CN Rail and find that most who retire do work thereafter, usually at a minimum wage job. Is it for the money? Maybe greed plays a part for these retirees, having been chasing the buck for the "better" part of their lives and cannot shut it off, or is it that their job was their life...take that away and they have do except go back to work.

I for one will not be one of those - no way - no how, not me man. FREEDOM 55 for this guy all the way! Unless, the right thing comes my way ;)


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