Tuesday, November 22


...and just when we thought the FAT WARS were being won?

Would you join a gym and actually use the facility if you were given a tax incentive to do so? It appears our provincial Premier Dalton has outright rejected this suggestion from his own Ontario Health Promotion Minister who plans public hearings this January "on using tax breaks to encourage physical fitness" (Toronto Star 051122).

The Health Promotion Minister says he likes the idea
of "using a carrot instead of a stick" to get people trimmed down to a proper size. The Health Minister says "that anything the government can do to encourage people to become fit, the better."

Great idea, but is it a reality? Will people actually go and workout, even with the "carrot" dangling, or will they simply chew up the carrot and head on over to Walmart's candy department instead, and still reap the taxi writeoff? Ju
dging from the aisles in Walmart (where one cannot pass another due to the size of the Walmart patrons overall), we do sympathize with the Health Minister, but can also side with Dalton, who sees this as an exercise in futility.

Never mind the inconvenience in blocked Walmart aisles, how about the poor thin segment of the travelling public? Think about it...Been on a bus lately? The scene:

It is rush hour, the people are pushing and shoving, waiting as the express bus roars to a stop and everyone fights to get on board. But wait, the damn line is halted, nobody can figure out why. The line should be moving quickly, everyone wants to get home, don't they?

Sure they do, but wait a minute...look inside, there be the problem. There in the very middle of the bus is a fat lady stuck in the centre aisle who cannot
fit into a seat, she stands stubbornly with a look that would kill, and nobody is challenging her to move to the back of the bus. All the damn seats are near empty as nobody can inch past this woman. It appears she is getting off at the very next stop and isn't risking getting jammed into the back and thus missing her stop.

"Ya right," you say? Well, obviously you have not travelled on a rush hour bus lately.

It appears these "fat" people have their own society in the USA now and attend many conventions wherein their complaints of having to pay for two airline seats are aired...but what about the damn bus? Shouldn't they have to pay for all those empty seats that are unoccupied, simply because you and I
have no access to them due to the lady in the middle of the bus?

Don't believe me...check out the Fat Convention: http://www.opinionjournal.com/taste/?id=95000976
and see for yourself, the rights you may just lose out on, never mind their useless tax writeoff that you and I will end up paying for in the long run.

Never mind the incentives that will turn out to be just another fat joke, how about getting these people their own means of public transportation, a bus that will be politically and environmentally friendly for these humungous folk? An alternative method???????

Vote for faster, fatter, freer transports now!


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