Monday, November 28

$9.99 per Litre of Gas?

"Cleans As You Drive"

Cleans what, your pocket book?

Today, some of the gas stations in Sarnia, Ontario made some adjustments to their signs that announce the price of gasoline - they added an extra digit holder on the left side...this will now enable these thieves to run the price of gas right up to almost ten dollars per litre, before having to make bigger signs.

If you notice, people now are saying how low the gas is that it dropped below the eighty cent God.

I suppose, when the gas gougers upped the price to almost a buck-fifty last summer, this under eighty looks good to most.

Why did they drop the price? It is a wait and see about what is going to happen with the election.
If you notice, back when the gas prices were extreme, there was much talk about a concerted effort by these companies to play with the rates...then there was talk about a gas inquiry by the Federal Government. Now, we hear nothing, just watch the boys fix the signs and make room for one extra digit to clean out pocket books out.


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