Saturday, November 26

Sex Sells Grey Cup

Who would ever think that Pamela Anderson would usurp the Tragically Hip and the Guess Who?

In an effort to attract new (male) viewers to the Canadian football shows, the media folk have hired the lovely and sexy Pamela Anderson as the Grey Cup Parade's official Marshall.

So, is it
SEX, or is it the quality of the game, or a mix of both, that should promote this event. It is a shame that events such as these need an injected thrill. Why cannot they maintain audiences on their own merit?

I am sure we haven't seen the last of this is only just beginning...a football reality show in the making?

Time will tell...and so will the media, tomorrow. No wonder millions have tuned out their TVs in the past several years...Yet, our students still cannot pass the literacy testing; that is left for another blog some other time.

One thing for certain, at the various bars and house parties, the side comments will be worth the price of admission...If you are into that act.


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